A CALL has been made for convicted drug dealers to be evicted immediately if they live in council property.

Cllr Geof Lowe, Labour member for Acton, wants Wrexham Council takes a tougher line against the people he claims often make the lives of their neighbours a misery.

Cllr Lowe said: “Anyone dealing in drugs who lives in council accommodation is in breach of their tenancy agreement and should be evicted right away.

“In the past I have questioned how robust the authority’s enforcement team is and I believe the answer is that they are not robust enough.

“The council seems to sit on its hands and does not have the courage of its convictions.

“But by not taking a robust enough line the council is aiding and abetting drug dealers.”

Cllr Lowe, who served as a magistrate in Wrexham for more than 15 years, added:
“All these people do is bring problems into the communities where they live.

“They make the lives of ordinary people, who go out to work to earn a decent living, a misery.

“Some of my own constituents have had to put up with this and it is just not acceptable.

“In my opinion, people who deal in drugs should be evicted to bring peace and tranquillity back to our communities. No excuses – they should go.

“Of course, we must wait until a person has actually been convicted but, when they have, the evidence of their crime has been collected by the police.

“It is there and cannot be disputed.

“These days all the support seems to go to people who commit crime and we do very little for their victims.

“It is long overdue where we protect people who are trying to lead a normal life.”

When the issue was discussed at the last meeting of Acton Community Council, members, including Cllr Lowe, decided to make an official complaint to Wrexham Council calling for anyone dealing in drugs to be reminded of their tenancy agreement with the authority.

The council’s landlord services manager, Fred Czulowski, said: “Wrexham Council does take incidents of drug dealing from council properties very seriously.

“We will investigate all complaints and will take the necessary action.

“The council’s tenancy enforcement team works in close partnership with North Wales Police.

“This year we have evicted several tenants who have been convicted of drug related offences.

“If anyone has concerns, or wishes to report an incident they can contact their local housing office or they can leave a message on the tenancy enforcement hotline, 01978 292029.”