RESIDENTS living near a busy dual carriageway say they are dreading overnight roadworks on their doorstep.

It is the second time since March that workmen have moved in on the A494 at Higher Shotton to resurface the road.

Work starting on Sunday will resurface the westbound carriageway from the Queensferry interchange to the Ewloe exit and is due to last three weeks.

Homeowners on Aston Road, Queensferry say thay are not looking forward to more late-night disturbance.

Hazel Dwyer, 60, said of the the previous roadworks: “Workmen dumped a big skip in front of my house and were throwing rubbish in it late at night.

“It is so hard to sleep when you have a big JCB outside of your window with its lights glaring in.

“I don’t think the noise from the carriageway was a problem in the first place because you just get used to it, but the noise from the roadworks is horrendous.

Aston councillor George Hardcastle, who also lives close to the road, said residents would have to be patient.

“At the end of the day, it’s a ‘Catch-22’ for all residents, including me, but we have just got to persevere and hopefully when it’s done it’ll be quieter for the residents of Aston Hill,” he said.

“Of course, people have the right to complain, but when it’s done, it’s done for good."

More than 65,000 vehicles travel daily through the Queensferry section of the A494.
Mike Rogers, design engineer behind the scheme, said: “Making the road quieter is not the main reason we are doing these roadworks, but it does make a tremendous difference.

“The main reason we are doing this work is because of the existing state of the carriageway. It’s about time we maintained it and made it smoother.

“The previous scheme was the downhill section of the road going eastbound so this will be the uphill section going westbound. It is a mirror image of what we did previously.”

Work is scheduled to start this Sunday and last until Sunday, July 11.

The road will close for motorists at 10pm and reopen at 6am.