COMMUNITY leaders have raised concerns about police posts in the area not being filled.

Across Wrexham three posts for community beat managers (CBMs) remain empty and councillors say this is putting a strain on policing across the borough.

Brymbo Councillor Paul Rogers said one CBM covering Brymbo, Tanyfron and Pentre Broughton now has to also cover New Broughton, Brynteg and Southsea.

And it’s a similar situation in Gwersyllt, according to Cllr Michael Williams, who says the area now has only one CBM when it used to have two.

He said it was understood from local police meetings that when CBMs left, their positions would not be filled.

“There is a general unhappiness that there is not enough frontline policing,” said Cllr Williams, who covers Gwersyllt North.

“There is no guarantee any CBM leaving will be replaced and many local council members are not happy about this.

“PCSOs are great and do a good job but their powers are limited and are not the same as the CBMs.

“We want to make sure the fear of crime doesn’t increase with a lack of policing on the streets.”

Cllr Rogers, who covers Brymbo, said: “The public are concerned about the lack of a visible police presence.

“Communities expect to see police officers now and again.”

Cllr Malcolm Williams, representing Llay, said: “We need every policeman we can get.

“Any cuts are not welcome but because of the climate what do you do?

“I am worried about it.”

Superintendent Rob Kirman said: “Wrexham is well served by a network of community beat managers who work closely with local communities to make the district a safer place to live and work.

“There are currently 33 CBMs across the area with three unfilled posts.

“However, in consultation with our community partners we have adapted our ways of working to ensure effective cover throughout Wrexham and we will continue to work together to meet any future challenges.”