REDUCING the number of criminals who commit further offences is a priority for the new vice-chairman of the Wales Probation Trust.

David Evans, a retired financial services expert, has been appointed to a leading role in the new organisation, which covers Wrexham and Flintshire and replaces four separate probation services that served Wales.

Mr Evans, from Colwyn Bay, was the last chairman of the former North Wales Probation Area.

He said: “I have always believed that probation is an important part of the answer in terms of reducing re-offending.

“One of the reasons for wanting to be part of probation was social responsibility and the feeling I wanted to give something back.

“I thought with my knowledge of industry and management I could bring a different view and that was something they were actively looking for when I joined the board.

There is a lot of similarity between industry and public service in terms of the need to look at budgets and planning ahead – and challenging the status quo.

“Change can be a force for good and a better future and I believe the creation of the Wales Probation Trust is a positive development.”