A MULTI-million pound link road scheme to regenerate a former steelworks site has taken a huge leap forward after developers put forward ambitious plans.

Brymbo Developments Ltd has submitted a detailed planning application for the spine road between Brymbo and Tanyfron on the former Brymbo Steelworks site.

The move has been described as a “milestone” by Brymbo county councillor Paul Rogers and comes 20 years after the steelworks was shut in 1990.

The application for the first time reveals that the Brymbo end of the link road will come out at one point on High Street, in the village, and at the bottom of Mount Hill at the other.

Cllr Rogers, chairman of Brymbo Steelworks Liaison Committee, said: “The submission of reserved matters which provides detail for the spine road is an important milestone and represents a commitment by Brymbo Developments Ltd to regenerate the former steelworks site.

“From our point of view things are looking very positive. There is a feeling now that things are moving forward and everyone is working together.”

Cllr Rogers said that the planning application, along with a separate outline application for a supermarket development, submitted last year, could be considered by the council’s planning committee as early as September.

“I recognise the frustration over the delay - there is still a long way to go, but this should be seen as a positive step that the developer still sees the importance of the spine road to the community,” he added.

About a third of the road has already been partially constructed from the Tanyfron end, but funding for the massive project then ran out as the housing market crashed.

Matt Ferguson, development manager for Brymbo Developments Ltd, said his company had always sought to complete the project, and plans were underway to raise the rest of the funds.

Outline plans for a small supermarket were submitted last year, and Mr Ferguson said that development could go some way to funding the rest of the scheme.

The remainder, he said, could come from a further 100-property housing development, which had stalled previously because the local authority wanted a section 106 agreement added to a list of planning conditions.

Mr Ferguson said Brymbo Developments was now working in co-operation with the council to ensure the project was completed.

Speaking about the latest application, he said: “The detailed application forms part of a package to establish the spine road.

“It’s to make sure there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what we are hoping to do and get funding for. Everybody knows roughly where it is but this includes specific detail.”

He added the further housing development and supermarket could pay for the completion of the road.

He said: “The funding ran out when the markets crashed, so that is why we are looking at the supermarket development.

“We will pay for it, but we need the cash to pay for it.

“That’s the way we are intending to go and if we can get the council to rethink their logic on the housing permission that will help, because the supermarket development will not be enough.

“But we are having positive discussions and have had plenty of support from the council.”

A total of 470 houses have so far been built on the former steelworks site.

Works were shut in September 1990 with the loss of 1,100 jobs.