A BIKER has received an award for his attempt to save a friend and fellow rider killed in a crash.

Paul Owen, from Llangollen, has been presented with “The Spirit Of The TT” for coming to the aid of Paul Dobbs, from New Zealand.

The pair had known each other for many years and were both competing in the Super Sports 600 B event when the tragedy took place.

Paul Owen said: “Paul was just ahead of me and went round a blind bend. Very quickly afterwards the marshalls started to wave flags, indicating danger.

“I braked hard and when I got around the corner saw Paul had crashed.”

Instantly wanting to help, Mr Owen took a flag from a marshall, allowing him to go and join the other officials and medics who were attending to Mr Dobbs.

The race carried on, but Mr Owen didn’t leave his post. He continued to warn on-coming riders of the dangers – forfeiting any chance of winning the event himself.

Paul said: “When I was told about receiving “The Spirit Of The TT”, initially I didn’t want it. But on reflection I decided to take it in honour of Paul and as a tribute to him, a wonderful man and rider.

“He is very sadly missed by his family and friends. He will also be greatly missed by the sport, but this was something he loved doing and we all know the risks that are involved.”

Mr Owen will be attending Mr Dobbs’ funeral today on the Isle of Man. Mr Owen said he would like to thank the marshalls involved in alerting him to the dangers in the first place.

He added: “The funeral will be very emotional time for everyone. The hearse is to go on a final lap of the course with motorcyclists riding behind.”