ENGLAND fans will be spending much of today speculating over Fabio Capello’s selection for tonight’s crucial World Cup clash with Algeria.

While many in Flintshire will be torn over whether to back England or their opponents, Len Jones from Queensferry is giving Steven Gerrard and his teammates his full support.

Len, 76, is so passionate about the side he has created his own model team in his garden.

And while Signor Capello faces a key decision over his goalkeeper after Robert Green made a crucial mistake in the meeting with the USA on Saturday, for Len there is no such dilemma.

Whether or not he gets the call in Cape Town, on Deeside the West Ham man is very much still England’s number one.

Retired handyman Len has spent the past few days painstakingly building a realistic-looking match scene on the lawn next to his mobile home in Willow Park.

He said: “I’m football-mad and although I am Welsh I am supporting England in the World Cup.

“Just for a bit of fun I decided to make this model.

“I’ve got England playing a Rest of the World team.

“All the players are made out of cardboard and are pegged into the grass.

“I’ve cut each of the England players’ faces out of magazines and stuck them on with glue.

“I’ve put them all in their correct playing positions on the pitch.

“There’s even a little Rob Green in goal.

“I know he made a mistake by letting in a goal against the USA but I’ve forgiven him and let him keep his place in the team.”

Len, who has lived in his mobile home for the past 20 years, added: “Before I retired I was a handyman with Snowdonia double glazing company, so I’m quite good a making things.

“It’s usually garden furniture and this is the first time I’ve done anything like this. All my neighbours, who are mostly pensioners, have been coming round, saying how good it is.

“The beauty of it is that if it rains I can just nip outside and collect up all the players.”