THOUGHTLESS dog owners who let their pets foul school playing fields are set to be brought to justice by a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

Dog mess has been causing headaches for staff at Ysgol Glanrafon in Bryn Coch Lane, Mold.

Now an angry parent who runs a private detective agency is offering the school his company’s services free of charge.

The sleuth, who owns UK Intelligence Services based in Mold and has asked not to be named due to the clandestine nature of his occupation, told the Leader: “My child came home and told me that because some people had stood in dog mess the headteacher had to go out and check the field herself.

“I was flabbergasted that people could do that on a field where children play. It’s disgusting and I’m very concerned about it.”

The private detective will now covertly monitor the area in an attempt to catch the culprits in action.

He added: “Not only are they allowing their pets to foul a school field, but they are trespassing.

“I’m looking to gather legally binding, date-stamped video evidence that will then be presented to the police.

“These people need naming and shaming and hopefully it will be enough to scare them off from using the field as a toilet for their dogs.”

Flintshire Council has already put up signs warning people not to let dogs on the field.

Headteacher Llinos Jones said: “I know dogs can’t read the signs, but their owners can and they are just ignoring them.

“It’s not happening on a regular basis and I know it’s only a few people, but when it does happen, it is once too often and it’s most unpleasant.

“We have got a wonderful playing field and the children really enjoy their time on the field so it’s such a shame that it’s being spoilt by one or two people.”