LITTLE Miss Courage Tyler Powell reckons she has the best dad in the world.

Now, she has helped him win the Dad of the Year title in a competition run by the
Leader in conjunction with the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham.

Tyler, aged nine, from Prince of Wales Court, Buckley, and her dad Andy, are the best of friends and when the plucky youngster underwent a major operation recently her dad stayed at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool with her.

Tyler said: “I think my dad should be dad of the year because he has a huge hug ready for me when I need it and he loves me and has looked after me since I was a baby.

“He has a part-time job at ASDA so we can live happily.

“He works very hard to look after me because I have just had a big operation on my leg and he stayed with me in hospital.

“He has been with me and looked after me since the start and I think he should be dad of the year because he does not get out much because it’s only me and daddy at home!”

Andy said: “She’s such a brave little girl and she’s been through so much. Her mum died of breast cancer five years ago in Northern Ireland and we came back here to Buckley.

“She used to do gymnastics but she had had this problem with her leg and she had to have a major operation in Alder Hey to correct it and she will be in a splint for the foreseeable future.

“She has also had cope with the death of other relatives she was very close to but she is an amazing little girl and I’m very proud of her.

“I didn’t know anything about this competition but she does like writing and she is very good at it.

“She goes to Southdown Primary School in Buckley and she’s very clever and she never has a spelling mistake.

“She even trusts my judgment with buying clothes but she does say she’d like me to find a partner because I’m no good at girlie things.”

Andy, 40, originally from Mold, and Tyler will now be able to go out for a special day together thanks to the Leader and Eagles Meadow, which has put together a fabulous prize, with a meal for four at Nando’s, family bowling at Tenpin and a film at the Odeon cinema.