A MAN playing an important role in the RAF was involved in a fracas where two pub doormen were assaulted.

It was claimed at Flintshire Magistrates’ Court that language difficulties had sparked off a misunderstanding.

Jon-Paul Evans, 26, based at the time at RAF Waddington in Lincoln, admitted assaulting one Polish bouncer at The Gold Cape in Mold and a public order offence involving a second Polish bouncer.

He was ordered to pay a £500 fine with £150 compensation and £460 costs.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said that on February 13, just before midnight, Evans was leaving the pub and was advised by a doorman not to take his drink out into the street.

It was originally alleged that Evans spat at the doorman and an attempt was made to take his bottle off him.

It was alleged that Evans grabbed the doorman and punched him, causing a cut to the top of his nose.

A second doorman arrived and described his colleague struggling with two males.

He ended up being struck a number of times and he received a cut to the eye, which needed six stitches.

Evans admitted a public order offence on the basis that he was involved in a scuffle with him, but was not responsible for the injuries he received.

Interviewed, he said that he had been manhandled by door staff and claimed he acted in self-defence.

Steven Alis, defending, said that Evans had pleaded guilty on the basis of no spitting and that had been accepted by the prosecution previously.

He said his client had no intention of going outside or taking a bottle outside.

The doormen, while registered, did not have good English and had made their written statements in Polish.

Mr Alis said that there were clearly language difficulties, the doormen had misunderstood and tried to take his drink off him.