A PLAN to refurbish a town’s historic swimming baths, transforming it into a multi-purpose community facility, has taken another step forward.

Community leaders decided turn Buckley’s old swimming baths building into a centre to hold markets and public meetings, stage productions and as a venue for indoor sports such as bowling.

Members of the working group looking into the future of the baths will now apply for grant funding and look at renovations.

Group chairman Cllr John Thornton said: “We want to thank everybody in Buckley who came up with ideas, we had a tremendous response.

“We decided because of the grant situation we wanted to make it multi-purpose so we could have many things there.

“We will have a better chance of getting some money.”

The baths were a huge hit in the town for decades after they opened in 1928, but the building was shut in 2005, when a new swimming pool opened at Buckley Leisure Centre.

While work will take place at the back of the baths, the building’s listed frontage will remain intact.

Cllr Thornton said: “This is another step forward. There has been such a good response we feel it is up to us to respond to that because they want to see some action.

“This will be a benefit for the people of Buckley.”

Suggestions include putting a false floor over the baths so they can be used for storage.

Saltney councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun said he welcomed the plans for a multi-use facility.

He said: “I am extremely delighted about this as I wanted it to be a multi-use facility in the first place. Now it can be used for functions and meetings and dances.”