A VETERAN campaigner for disability rights has announced he is retiring.

Ken Mack will step down after dedicating 39 years to letter-writing, protesting and meetings with the great and good.

Mr Mack, of Rhosddu, said he had taken the decision as he was coming up to his 69th birthday.

He said: “I want to give a bit more support to my lovely wife Mary with our twin sons, David and Kenneth, aged 38, who have learning difficulties.

“Also my brother Terence is profoundly disabled and I am his advocate.

“Retiring from campaigning has been a big decision to make, particularly after all these years, but I want to make the very most of the time I have.”

Looking back on his time as a campaigner, Mr Mack said one of the highlights was being able to organise and lead four delegations to 10 Downing Street.

He said he wanted to thank everyone who had given him support down the years, among them Wrexham FC legend Joey Jones.

Mr Mack added: “He is a very genuine and caring man who has never said ‘no’ to me when I have approached him for help over almost 30 years.

“I have received a lot of backing from so many people.”