VIOLENCE during the World Cup will be given the red card in Wrexham.

The campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour and domestic violence during the tournament was kicked off by Wrexham Community Safety Partnership.

One of the ways to keep crime under control is the use of four new body cameras given to police in the Wrexham North Division.

The cameras, partly funded by the partnership, will be displayed on the chest of police officers to enable them to film incidents, particularly involving domestic violence or anti-social behaviour, during the World Cup.

Insp Paul Jones said: “It’s a first for us to have these cameras and it means we can record evidence at the scene and get it recorded as it happens.

“It can also sometimes be a deterrent when people realise they are being filmed and it could be shown later at court.”

According to the Community Safety Partnership, violent crime is more likely to escalate during sporting events and key times of the year like Christmas and New Year.

They say that violence is not just in pubs and clubs but can also result in more incidents of domestic violence.

Throughout the tournamet the partnership will be promoting the “Be Safe Drink Responsibly” message.

Pub and club licensees will encourage their staff to wear t-shirts promoting this message and it will also be promoted via a poster campaign and bluetooth technology in key areas.

Wrexham Council’s Trading Standards department will also be working closely with police inspectors in the county to carry out test purchases at off licences and licensed premises during the period.

North Wales Ambulance Service will be deploying a rapid response vehicle on dates where key matches will be played.

Cllr Bob Dutton, lead member for communities and performance, said: “We want everyone to be safe and enjoy themselves in the county borough during the period of the World Cup.

“Our main aim is to encourage people to ‘Be Safe and Drink Responsibly’.

“It is acknowledged that excessive drinking can affect behaviour and this in many
instances can lead to very serious consequences.

“The Community Safety Partnership will therefore promote a very clear message during the tournament.

“We encourage people to come to the county borough to enjoy themselves and be safe.

“Anyone behaving irresponsibly or violently will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.”