TODAY heralds another big week in the re-birth of Chester FC.

The Football Association are expected to meet to discuss Chester’s appeal hearing over the decision to recommend they play in Division One of the Vodkat League next season.

Chester want to start in the Premier Division and their cause could be helped after the league put out the the following statement on their website.

The statement read: “In order for Chester to be placed at Step 5, The Football Association are required to approve an increase in numbers of the Premier Division for one season to 23 clubs and also approve the relegation of three clubs at the end of season 2010/11.

“If this is a recommendation the Member Clubs will be required to decide by a vote as to whether to increase the Premier Division to 23 Clubs for one season and relegate three clubs at the end of season 2010/11.

“If this is an instruction of The Football Association no vote will be required. In the event of any such vote proving no, Chester would be placed in the First Division.”

New manager Neil Young will be monitoring the situation but he is happy at how the history and set-up at Chester – and most importantly the Deva Stadium – is playing a massive part in attracting new players to the club.

Young revealed that he has been able to secure each and every player he has targeted since taking over the reigns.

Former Chester City favourite Carl Ruffer, ex-Liverpool youth Adriano Rigoglioso, and Rhyl duo Mark Connolly and Greg Stones are amongst those brought in by Young.

“The ground and the set-up here is a massive help,” he declared. “At this moment in time we have also been able to get our number one targets and have not had to look at our back-up options.

“The history and the name Chester Football Club is a major selling point, but the location is ideal because it is pretty central to everywhere.

“The majority of the players I have worked with before and it was easy to sell them the project, that project got me to the club and we are all hoping to carry it out. There isn’t just a plan for the first year, but for the foreseeable future, most of the players are young enough to be able to stay with the club as it progresses back up the leagues and that is the reason why we are all here.

“It is an exciting time and all the players want to play for the club.”