A DISABLED woman says she feels stuck in her own home after her free bus pass was taken away.

Susan Twigg, 43, from Mold says her freedom has been lost after new Assembly guidelines saw people receiving income support being stripped of their passes.

Susan, who suffers from arthritis in her spine, received a letter two weeks ago demanding the return of the pass which she had for only nine months.

She told the Leader: “I’m really disappointed because that was my bit of freedom. I have to use my walking sticks all of the time and cannot get around without them.

“When I was diagnosed two years ago my doctor told me I was entitled to a free pass so I applied and I got one. It was brilliant. I went to Chester or Wrexham two or three times a week just to get out and about.

“Then it just came out of the blue. The council said they were taking my bus pass away but they didn’t give a reason why.

“It’s just wrong.”

Susan, who lives in her Tudor Court flat on her own, said her incapacity benefit would not cover bus fares.

She added: “I get little money as it is so there is no way I could afford to pay for the bus.

“Now I’m stuck in the house with nothing to do and nowhere to go.”

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: “The Welsh Assembly issued new guidelines with effect from April 1 and people on income support no longer qualify for a bus pass.

“We are currently writing to all the affected people informing them that the criteria has changed.

“In addition we have invited people who consider that they may be eligible for a bus pass under other criteria to reapply with the relevant documentation.”