A MUM and her young daughter had a narrow escape after a lorry struck a bridge just yards ahead of them.

The accident happened on New High Sreet, Ruabon, near East Avenue at about 1.45pm on Friday.

Driving behind the articulated lorry were Eileen Pritchard from Penycae and her three-year-old daughter Daisy.

The lorry smashed into the underside of the bridge and metal from the collision came crashing down behind the truck onto the road – but alert Eileen was just able to stop her car in time.

She said: “When I think about what could have happened it is so scary. The metal could have come through the windscreen and cut me in half.

“I was about three to four car lengths away from the truck when it came to the bridge and suddenly all this happened. It was all so fast.

“Despite being too high the lorry was able to get right through the bridge to the other side, although obviously the top was badly damaged. The driver of the truck stopped and got out, he hadn't been injured. Thankfully everyone was alright, it could have been very different.”

North Wales Police reported traffic build-up in the area near the bridge.

A spokesman for Network Rail said services on the Chester to Shrewsbury line were also disrupted, with some trains being diverted via Crewe. It meant long delays for people travelling between Wrexham, Ruabon, Chirk and Gobowen.

Engineers travelled to the scene to assess the bridge shortly after the crash and trains were able to use the track again a few hours later.