TWO people in Wrexham have been taken to hospital in the last fortnight after taking the latest party drug to sweep Britain.

Police have has stepped into action to tackle the drug NRG-1, or naphyrone, which is legal but can have dangerous side effects and could even be lethal.

Insp Iwan Jones, of the Wrexham South division, said two people had been taken to the Maelor in the past two weeks after taking the drug and being arrested on unrelated offences.

He said: “Due to the potential effects we made a decision to transfer both persons to the Wrexham Maelor hospital where they were treated for the effects of this drug.

“Taking it can be quite serious and have quite harmful effects.

“We are advising people to steer clear of it, it’s a substance we do not know enough about and it’s dangerous.

“The problem is that it’s not an illegal substance.”

Insps Jones said local hospitals had now been given a protocol how to deal with those who have taken the drug.

Earlier this year mephedrone - more widely known as M-Cat - was classified as illegal.

Since then concerns were raised about what drug could replace it as a 'legal high' popular with revellers, with NRG-1 at the forefront of concern.

NRG-1 can have many different effects including anxiety, paranoia and overstimulation of the heart and circulatory system.

Other risks include reduced inhibitions, drowsiness, coma and seizures.