A RETIRED mechanic who is driving a tractor around the UK to raise funds for a soldiers’ charity has been treated at hospital after being attacked in a road rage incident in Chester.

Terry Williams, from Henstridge in Somerset, suffered bruising to his eye after the incident at lunchtime yesterday.

He had been sitting in the middle lane of the carriageway on Sealand Road near the B&Q store at traffic lights when he was punched twice in the face by a man who had got out of a black SEAT car and told him he should get off the road. The man then drove off.

Terry was driving his Landlegend DF 254 and proudly wearing the beret of the 1st Battalion Light Infantry Regiment, with whom he served between 1972 and 1985.

The tractor was adorned with Afghan Heroes flags and signs clearly detailing his charity efforts.

He is aiming to raise £1.6 million for the charity which was set up last year by mothers who have lost sons in Afghanistan.

The 53-year-old has been on the road since May 2, covering 60 miles a day, and plans to drive around the UK for over 276 days to honour soldiers.

He had already travelled through Flint and Queensferry earlier in the day and was planning to travel down to Wrexham after Chester.

He said: “The first thing I knew was when I felt the punch in my face.

“I wasn’t holding up the traffic significantly but it was heavy in the area as there was a lot of activity in advance of the Queen’s visit to mark the return of the 1st Battalion the Royal Welsh from Afghanistan.

“Thankfully I was able to get help from staff at a nearby car park, who were fantastic to me. I hope the police can catch this person before he attacks someone else.”

Terry received treatment for his injuries in hospital but says he is determined to continue with his fundraising marathon trip. Before the attack he had completed 3,610 miles.

Denise Harris, founder of Afghan Heroes, said: “This is a disgusting cowardly attack on a man who is trying to help families of the fallen and support our brave boys and girls in Afghanistan on a trip that is a real endurance marathon.

“We urge anyone who witnessed the incident or who may be able to identify the attacker to contact the police.”