IT’S been a hectic few weeks for the parents of Wrexham triplets Grace, Ruby and Eva.

But the girls, who were born at just 34 weeks, are now 15 weeks old and doing very well according to mum Lorraine Roberts and dad Paul McNee.

The babies, who joined their busy household in Acton with five other siblings, are now smiling and beginning to recognise their parents’ voices.

Mum Lorraine said: “They are doing really well and gaining weight.

“Grace is now sleeping through the night.

“They had a check last week and they were very pleased with how they were doing.”

The only scare the family had was Ruby and Grace contracting a chest infection about two weeks ago and having to spend time at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Lorraine said: “Ruby was in for a week and Grace was in for five days but they are all better now. “You can definitely tell the babies apart.

“Eva is very patient and very quiet whereas Ruby and Grace are more demanding and call to be picked up and cuddled.”

The family have a full house with the triplets and children Jessica, 16, Michael, 11, Lewis, seven, Matthew, six, and Mea, four.

Dean, 18, is away at university.

Lorraine said: “It’s a bit hectic in the house.”

The triplets, who are not identical, were born by caesarean section at the special care baby unit at the Maelor hospital on February 23.

Lorraine said she has no more plans to have more children, but added: “Whatever happens, happens.”