MARKET traders have hit out at Wrexham Council for advertising rival producers alongside their stalls.

The council put up a number of posters opposite stalls in the Butchers’ Market in Wrexham as part of a local food project.

They advertised products sold by farmers in areas including Eyton, Bwlchgwyn, Garth and Erbistock but market traders told the Leader they felt betrayed.

One trader, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s great that the council are trying to push forward local foods and markets but not in a place that is struggling.”

A spokesman for the three indoor markets said: “I’m really pleased that the council is investing money in local producers but to put the posters in the Butchers’ Market shows an absolute lack of respect.

“These are direct competitors to them. Everybody was very angry. It would be like putting a sign in the window of Tesco to advertise products in Asda.”

In response town centre manager Isobel Watson said: “It is part of a local food campaign to support how the food is reared.

“The campaign is part of the Rural Development Plan funded by the European Union and Northern Marches Cymru. A local food officer wrote to all the food providers and asked them to be part of the campaign.”

Mrs Watson said by putting the posters in the market they were “taking the higher strategic view”.

The Butchers’ Market seemed the best place to put food posters., she said.