A GLORIOUS photographic archive capturing the raw energy and very essence of one of Wrexham’s greatest groups has been created.

In the 1980s Terminal were one of the hardest working bands around and stories of their concerts have become the stuff of local legend.

Now, more than two decades on, some of that on-stage joie de vivre has been preserved for posterity thanks to Alan Peters, brother of Terminal guitarist Nigel.

“There was a big stash of negatives showing images of the band back in the 1980s which had never been printed,” said Alan, who now lives in Germany.

“They are excellent quality and were taken by Graham Jones, who was a talented photographer and roadie with the group.”

As a special 50th birthday present for Nigel, Alan decided to have the negatives professionally placed on to a disc so that they can by viewed on a computer or DVD player, and the results are stunning.

“It is a bit like unearthing treasure. There are nearly 500 photos altogether.

“They capture Terminal in their heyday, taken in concert and backstage.

“The quality is excellent, Graham did fantastically well with the camera work.”

Alan is so pleased with the pictures that he has put a selection of them on YouTube to accompany one of Terminal’s classic songs, Hold On. People can now log on to get a taste of those days.

He said: “I am really pleased with the results. I don’t know where Graham is now but if he would like to get in contact with me I can arrange for him to have a copy of the disc.”

Alan’s email address is wapeters01@yahoo.co.uk