A METER reader who harassed his former partner via her Facebook site has been released on bail pending sentence.

Jeremy Sims, 43 was said to have sent June Barlow, from Cadole, a total of 33 messages via the social networking site within a 24 hour period.

She was scared by them because they spoke of death and dying, magistrates were told.

Sims, of Maes Gwyn, Felin, Gwyddelwern, near Corwen, had admitted harassing Mrs Barlow between May 24 and May 27 this year when he appeared at a Bank Holiday Saturday court, and was initially remanded in custody pending sentence. But magistrates have now agreed to bail him pending sentence.

He has been subjected to a new restraining order not to approach Mrs Barlow or to enter the village of Cadole.

Magistrates warned him that any breach could earn him a five-year prison sentence.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report until later in the month.