COUNCIL bosses have been forced to write off outstanding debts of almost £100,000.

Flintshire Council’s executive yesterday gave financial staff the green light to wipe the two separate debts, totalling £97,776, after two debtors went into administration.

Phil Wilson, the council’s corporate finance manager, said: “Financial procedure requires members to approve write-offs which are more than £25,000, and unfortunately we have got two.

“I suppose the good news is that this won’t directly impact on the revenue accounts fund because we already have provisions in the reserve funds because of the age of these debts.”

The first debt of £54,603 is owed to the lifelong learning department and relates to an entertainment venue that went into administration.

A report presented to members at County Hall stated: “A court order was obtained in August 2002, but the customer defaulted on a payment plan.

“A charge on a property was obtained in February 2010. However, our information indicates there will be insufficient equity to repay the outstanding debts. Recovery options have been exhausted.”

The second debt of £43,172 is owed to the environment department and relates to unpaid building regulation fees.

The report stated: “A building company was placed into administration in October 2008. No dividend is available to be paid to unsecured creditors.”