TWO women and two men have been warned that they face possible prison sentences after they were convicted of taking part in what was described as mob violence outside a Deeside pub.

A jury at Mold Crown Court heard that it was sparked off after a group of people who had been enjoying themselves on the mic’ at a karaoke night asked a woman not to point a laser pen into the eyes of the people singing.

The atmosphere changed and a group of people decided to leave, but they were set upon outside.

Five people denied an affray charge following the incident at The Leprechaun pub in Garden City in July of last year.

But Dawn Morris, 45, Damien Reid, 25, and Stephen Paul Reid, 18, all of East Green in Garden City, and Angela Jane Roberts, 42, of North Green in Garden City, were all convicted.

The fifth defendant, Sandra Reid, 43, of South Green in Garden City, was cleared part way through the trial.

Judge Philip Richards bailed the four guilty defendants. He told them they would be sentenced in July and all options would remain open, including custody.

The court heard how the victims had been enjoying a birthday celebration at the nearby Amatola Restaurant and then called into the Leprechaun where there was a karaoke night in progress.

Prosecutor Owen Edwards said, however, that the evening degenerated into direct, unprovoked mob violence.

It was the prosecution case that Sandra Reid shone a laser pen into the eyes of people singing, although she denied that.

It was claimed that it was a request for her to stop which sparked off a violent incident where the complainants were set upon and kicked.

There had clearly been an affray – the issue was whether the defendants had been a part of it, said Mr Edwards.

“The prosecution say that if you had been there that night then you would have been scared stiff,” he told the jury.

When Lee Price and his wife, Gemma Price, her sister, Derryn Cawley, Alan Bright, and Lee Price’s brother, Ian Price first arrived at The Leprechaun everyone seemed in a good mood, the court heard.

While two of the men were singing, a laser light was shone in their eyes, it was claimed. Gemma Price asked the woman to stop, but was allegedly told that she could do what she wanted.

The group noticed a change in the atmosphere with a large number of people staring at them.

They realised they were being targeted, agreed to finish their drinks and leave.

Lee Price went to the toilet but Mr Edwards said that as the others made their way out of the pub, the defendants and others were determined to attack them.

“Sustained and serious violence” then broke out, he said.