Research into possible health risks surrounding a cement factory will yield results, town councillors insist.

Earlier this month the Leader reported that Assembly health minister Edwina Hart had called for an investigation into the health risks surrounding the dust fall-out zone from the Hanson Cement plant in Padeswood.

John Thornton, chairman of Buckley Town Council’s finance committee, told the Leader that while the council welcomed the investigation, members had been concerned it would not go far enough.

AM Mark Isherwood also said he feared the probe would not be as detailed as he would like.

The town council was further concerned after a Freedom of Information request for figures on respiratory diseases and cancer in the Buckley Bistre East and West wards compared to the rest of Buckley and Flintshire was turned down.

But after a meeting with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, which is helping with the research, Mr Thornton said the council was now more hopeful over the investigation.

He said: “We had a meeting with the health board because we were concerned we weren’t getting anywhere. Buckley Town Council told them what we wanted to know, including whether cattle and milk have been affected by the dust.”

Mr Thornton added: “We seem to be getting a better response now and the health board is being more active.”

There will now be a further meeting of the health board, town council and local residents who have concerns at a date which has yet to be decided.

As the Leader has previously reported, Hanson Cement says the site does not pose a risk and has welcomed the investigation as an opportunity to resolve the issue.