TRESPASSERS at a former steelworks site are risking “a very serious accident” a councillor has warned.

As we revealed in the Leader last week, members of the urban explorers movement – known as UrbEx – gained access to the disused Brymbo Steelworks site on a number of occasions and took pictures of various buildings and equipment.

The group post ‘reports’ of their visits on an online forum.

Cllr Paul Rogers, of Brymbo, said he was concerned about the wave of visitors to the site, which was shut down in 1990.

He said: “In recent months there has been a significant amount of intrusion to the former steelworks site.

“Some of the photographs which have appeared on various forums including the urban degeneration website have been taken from within buildings that are unsafe. There could have been a very serious accident.”

“Whilst the photographs taken were impressive, urban explorers are known for targeting forgotten industrial landscapes. Their actions only strengthens the will of the community to ensure this heritage site does not remain one and reinforces the need for investment.”

Cllr Rogers, a Conservative, said that further talks are now needed between all relevant parties including CADW who have responsibility for some of the buildings on site.

“Both CADW and the Heritage Minister have visited the site however unfortunately to date we are still waiting for them to deliver a way forward to secure the site and prevent further deterioration of the buildings.

“Given there are Welsh Assembly elections next year it will be interesting to see what support we receive our local assembly members in the coming months.”