A CHARITY has come to the rescue of a stranded fox cub.

The vixen was found by volunteers from the Groundwork charity on the Erddig estate near Wrexham.

They called Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue, which took the cub to its centre in Holywell.

Elfyn Pierce-Jones from the rescue said: “If she hadn’t been found she would have died.

“It’s not uncommon for cubs to wander away from their den and not be able to get back.”

The cub, named Bingo by centre staff, is said to be in good health and is fed on a diet of kitten food.

Mr Pierce-Jones said: “She’ll be here a while, but we will eventually release her back in the wild.”

The fox cub is one of many animals saved recently by the centre, including a magpie which is being fed on a diet of puppy biscuits after a narrow escape from a cat.

A one-year-old badger was also recently rescued after being hit by a car. It has a suspected dislocated shoulder but should make a full recovery, while an abandoned ferret with serious injuries is also being cared for.

If you find injured or lost animals or would like to help out, call the centre on 01352 712345.