A PRIMARY school has issued a warning letter to parents following reports of a man seen lurking in the area.

Penyffordd Junior School has circulated the letter notifying parents that a suspicious looking character was seen close to the Millennium Clock in the village, which is on a major route to the school, but North Wales Police have reassured parents there is nothing to worry about.

A police spokesman said: “We received information that a man was believed to be acting suspiciously in the area.

“Community beat manager Howie Williams took immediate action and subsequent enquiries revealed there was nothing to worry about in relation to this incident. We would like to reassure residents that we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Penyffordd councillor Cindy Hinds, who is a governor at Abbot’s Lane Infant School, also in Penyffordd, said her school had not circulated a warning letter, but some parents were concerned.

“Some mums told me that they had had this letter and they were quite worried,” she said.

“It is something I am definitely concerned about because we do have a lot of play areas and we don’t want any suspicious characters going near our children.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “The headteacher considered it appropriate to inform parents that concerns had been raised. We understand the police are fully aware of the matter and have taken the appropriate action.”

Anyone who does see someone acting suspiciously should call North Wales Police on the non-emergency 101 number.