THRILLSEEKERS broke into a Wrexham factory just days after it closed and have posted the photographs they took on an internet forum.

Members of the urban explorers movement – known as UrbEx – gained access to the Air Products factory in Acrefair shortly after it shut and were able to photograph the interior of the plant, with lights and electricity still running.

In addition the group, who post ‘reports’ of their visits on an online forum, have entered the disused Brymbo Steelworks site on a number of occasions and taken pictures of various buildings and equipment.

Site owners have warned against trespassing and say those responsible might have injured themselves.

A spokeswoman for Air Products, which closed in December, said: “We knew about this website and knew about security.

“It’s trespassing and it is not something we would encourage in any way shape or form. We really consider it to be unsafe.

“We have a lot of measures already in place and have stepped it up since then.

“These guys are pretty determined and it seems that if they can find a way they will.

But it’s highly unsafe and I would urge anybody not to trespass.”

The report posted on the internet forum by a user calling themselves TheFlu24 reads: “The site itself was a completely surreal experience, all the electricity was on, the lights, the ventilation but not a single soul.

“I constantly expected a huge group of workers to come out of a lunch room somewhere and resume work.”

There are then a number of photographs showing different parts of the plant.

On the same website are various reports of visits to the Brymbo Steelworks site, which closed in 1990.

The latest, from earlier this month and posted by user called mnb1981, reads:

“Following on from our visit to Denbigh Aslylum on the previous day and as it was in the area, we decided to have a look round the site, as we had heard some good reviews of the place.

“After some shots of the truck we headed down and I was greeted with much more than I had first though was there and ended up having a great mooch around the place for a good two to three hours.”

A variety of photographs show the interiors of buildings and disused machinery.

A spokesman for Brymbo Developments Ltd, which owns the land, said: “Although they should not be on the site at all, some of them have just taken external shots.

“However, some are also obviously breaking into the buildings which is dangerous. We would certainly encourage people not to do it.

“It certainly appears there is no malice on their part but it is still not to be encouraged.”

The owners of Hanson Cement have already criticised members of the movement who broke into their Padeswood factory in Flintshire and scaled a 95 metre tall tower to take photographs.