A MAN’s drunken behaviour forced a bus driver to stop and let all his passengers off, a court was told.

Michael Bartley, 21, sat with his head in his hands as details of what he had done emerged in court.

Matthew Ellis, prosecuting told Flintshire Magistrates’ Court police were called to a public service bus in Holywell Road, Flint on May 4 following reports of a disturbance on board.

Bartley was said to have been behaving in an extremely drunken manner, shouting, swearing and spitting.

Mr Ellis said: “His behaviour was such that all members of the public got off the bus.”

Officers went on to the bus and found Bartley lying across one of the seats in a drunken condition. His eyes were glazed and his speech was slurred.

Bartley was taken off the bus into the police vehicle in handcuffs but he shouted at police to get off him and asked why they were arresting him.

When placed in the rear of the police car, he gesticulated at members of the public with his middle finger of both hands and also began head-butting the police car window aggressively.

In view of his medical history he was taken to the Countess of Chester hospital and his behaviour was said to be quite erratic.

At the hospital he was calm one moment and then would get aggressive and try to headbutt the wall, the court was told. He was also swearing loudly in the public waiting room.

Bartley admitted a public order offence and was fined £100 with £100 costs.

Bartley, who had 36 previous convictions and who is already on a drug rehabilitation course with the probation service, was said by Brian Cross, defending to be apologetic.

Mr Cross added: “Unfortunately, people do sometimes turn to drink after they have dealt with their drug problems.”