POLICE are throwing a lifeline to people who commit drink-fuelled crimes in North Wales.

Under a new scheme launched on Monday anyone issued with a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly or committing an alcohol-related public order offence will be offered the chance to attend a rehabilitation course.

The three-hour course aims to teach people about the strength of alcohol and the effects it has on our behaviour.

People who choose to attend the course will also have their fine slashed from £80 to £40.

North Wales Police are working with ARCH Initiatives Cymru, a substance misuse agency, on the scheme.

Deputy chief constable Ian Shannon said: “This is not a soft option, it is aimed at solving problems and reducing harm to the wider community.”

Steve Jones, director of services for ARCH Initiatives Cymru, said: “This scheme is designed to reduce the harmful effects that alcohol use can have on individuals, through alcohol awareness and education sessions.

“ARCH Initiatives Cymru is delighted to support our colleagues in North Wales
Police with this new initiative, giving us a real opportunity to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour for the communities of North Wales and improving the quality of life for everyone.”