PET owners are being forced to tie bags of dog mess to a school fence after the council failed to empty an overflowing bin.

Plastic bags have been attached to a fence at Southdown CP School, Buckley, weeks after schoolchildren designed posters to highlight dog owners not clearing up after their pets.

Work on a path near the school meant the dog bin was temporarily moved and Flintshire Council workers missed a collection.

Angry resident Alan Goodwin, of Elfed Park lives near the school and said: “The council has not emptied it for a week.

“They are not doing their job. Dog owners are tying plastic bags to the school fence.

“I have reported it to the council three times and it has been overflowing since last Wednesday, it is not good enough.

“It happened to be right by the school that has done the posters, the kids are doing all this to try to stop it and the council are not helping them.”

Youngsters at the school entered a poster competition run by Buckley Town Council and North Wales Police and had their designs displayed around the school.

Andrew Wilkie, headteacher at the school, said the fence ran along a part of the school rarely visited by staff or pupils. He said: “This is a concern, the bin is by a part of the path which is closed.

“The issue of dog fouling is something the kids are taking seriously.

“We had an assembly to discuss health and safety implications and they were disgusted about what could happen if they got germs from the dog mess.

“They are very concerned but we have not seen as much since we have had this big push. The kids are aware of the dangers.”

Flintshire Council recently introduced a Dog Control Order, making it an offence for dog owners not to clean up after their pets.

A spokesman said: “There are roadworks close to the dog bin location and workmen on site moved the bin temporarily.

“This resulted in the council’s collection crew missing one collection day.

“The crew visited the site and cleared the area and emptied the bin.

“In the light of this incident the collection frequency at this site has now been increased to ensure this does not happen again and we do apologise for this oversight.”