A COVERT team of online thrillseekers have infiltrated a Flintshire factory and scaled a 95-metre tower.

The explorers, who call themselves 28DaysLater, breached security at the Hanson Cement Factory in Padeswood and broke into Kiln Four where they managed to search the inside of the massive pre-heater tower before climbing onto the roof.

The dangerous exploit, which took place in February, was captured on camera and the images were then posted on the group’s website.

Bosses at the cement factory, who were unaware of the incident until they were contacted by the Leader, have branded the perpetrators “reckless”.

A spokesman said: “We are dismayed by this incident as we take site security very seriously.

“We review security on an on-going basis and will consider very carefully the details of this incident.

“These are clearly reckless individuals who have no thought for their own safety and have the potential to put our own staff in danger.”

An online blog charting the adventure revealed that the uninvited visitors, who nicknamed themselves TheFlu24s, had been planning the expedition since before Christmas.

The group visited the site on several occasions to monitor the security situation.

The blog said: “Security are certainly prolific on the site and usually quite busy keeping an eye on things, though there seemed to be no real pattern to their site checks.

“Having successfully picked our way across site without being spotted we came to a steel staircase. Looking up confirmed that we’d cracked it – 46 flights of stairs extending above our heads, leading right to the roof.

“Having completed a second trip up the kiln just to grab all the pics we could, we came rather close to being rumbled.

“Upon leaving the kiln we got out of sight of an approaching vehicle by a matter of a second or two and scrambled to find cover behind some buildings close by.

“Over the next few minutes we crouched silently while an employee loaded some things into the vehicle no more than six feet away.

“Once again we managed to avoid detection and mere minutes later we were out of the site relieved to have got it done.”

The group describe themselves as urban explorers and say their mission is to infiltrate and explore what they describe as urban landscapes, which can be anything from drainage systems to derelict factories and mental hospitals.