CHILDREN have made an impassioned plea to dog walkers to tidy up “disgusting” dog mess at a beauty spot.

Class AJG from St Giles Primary School visit Erddig County Park every Thursday and have become increasingly fed up with seeing dog fouling everywhere.

Teacher Andrea Jones said: “The kids are horrified when they see it.

“It’s not nice, especially in the summer when it’s warmer.

“There can be six, seven, eight bags of it thrown against a gate.”

The children have been visiting the park by the Felin Puleston entrance to work towards their John Muir Award, which teaches them about the outdoors.

In an open letter to the dog walkers of Erddig the children of class AJG, who are aged between nine and 11, wrote: “We have found on our visits lots and lots of dog mess – this causes us many problems.

“It is hard for us to sit down and draw and explore the environment because we have to look where we are putting our feet all the time.

“The smell is disgusting.

“We love to see people walking their dogs but we just wish people would pick up their dog mess and take it away with them.

“We have noticed that some people do pick the mess up and bag it but then pile it up by the gates.

“We hope people read this and understand the problems this causes.

“We always enjoy our visits to Erddig and we want to keep it as a first class place to visit in our local area.”

Miss Jones added: “It just defeats the object of taking the kids there to learn about the environment when it is being treated like this by other adults.”

Head warden at Erddig Sue Jones said: “We are looking to get the waste disposal bins but we don’t want the red plastic ones - we want something which will be in keeping with the estate.

“We do ask dog walkers to collect their dog’s waste and take it home with them but are finding that people are just hanging the bags up or throwing them away.

“We are looking at a proper facility to dispose of waste as soon as we can – we just want to make sure that the bins are not used for other general rubbish.”