A WREXHAM surgeon who joined a humanitarian mission to help victims of the Haiti earthquake is to talk about the ongoing aid work tomorrow (Tuesday, May 18).

Asad Syed will be at the Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham Technology Park, to highlight the vital role people in the UK can play in helping those affected by the natural disaster.

The presentation, which runs from 6.30pm to 8pm., is open to members of the public and professionals.

Mr Syed is an orthopaedic specialist and a veteran of assisting in disaster zones across the world including Kashmir, China and Indonesia. He found that the situation in Haiti was the worst he had ever encountered.

More than 250,000 people were believed to have died in the earthquake which struck on January 12 and a further 300,000 were injured.

Speaking to the Leader in February on his return from Haiti, Mr Syed said that although it had been a harrowing experience - dealing with soaring temperatures, stretched resources and heartbreaking situations - his visit had been well worth it.

He said: "We had to do everything during the daytime because at night it became extremely dangerous.

"As there was no electricity we were running generators, which meant we were the only building lit up, which made us a target."

Mr Syed was part of a group of medical volunteers from the UK who operated on and treated a large number of patients over the course of his 10-day visit.

For further details on tomorrow's meeting call 01978 262462 or email cservice-yl@spirehealthcare.com