A MAN who struck his partner in the face with a pint glass has been jailed for five years.

Jamie Baker, 21, said to be high on a cocktail of drugs, was told that the sentence was to reflect his despicable conduct.

The judge, Mr Recorder Patrick Harrington QC, said Baker’s actions had caused permanent scarring.

It was the fourth time that he had assaulted the mother of his child, he said.

At Mold Crown Court, Baker, of Erddig Court, Wrexham, admitted a charge of wounding Leanne Jones, 19, with intent to cause her grievous  bodily harm.

Emmalyne Downing, prosecuting, said Miss Jones had been in a relationship with the defendant since 2007 and they had a child together.

On January 15 going over into the early hours of the following day, she was with Charlotte Churchwood, the defendant’s sister, and another woman on a “girl’s night in”.

At 12.30am the defendant and three other men returned to the flat and the defendant had a drink with the rest of the group.

Miss Jones had an argument with Miss Churchwood and they ended up pushing and shoving each other outside. Miss Jones scratched Miss Churchwood.

As she started to walk away she was struck to the face with a pint glass by the defendant.

Miss Downing said: “As a result of that blow Miss Jones sustained a deep laceration, stretching from her nose to her left ear.

“There was also a smaller two laceration just beneath it, and parallel to it.”

The wound required stitching and Miss Jones complained of numbness.

She had been left with what a doctor described as mild scarring.

Interviewed, Baker told how he had taken cocaine and ecstasy and initially denied knowing how she had been injured. He claimed he left after the disagreement with the sister started.

In a victim impact statement, Miss Jones had told how she had been left with a black eye, a bloody nose, a scar and her face was still numb. She wore a lot of make-up to try and cover it up and was self-conscious of the injury.

The court heard how she had been unable to go on a college course because she lacked the confidence to meet strangers, and could not bear to look at the scar herself.

The judge was told that there had been a history of violence in the relationship.

Baker had been convicted of assaulting her twice in 2008 and again in 2009.

A restraining order was made under which Baker must not approach Miss Jones again.

Des Parry, defending, said the defendant had pleaded guilty to a very serious offence at an early stage.

He was full of remorse for what he had done and appreciated that it had to be custody.