A COUPLE who owe their happiness to a man who died in a street incident have paid tribute to him.

Brian Logan, 53, of Riverside Park, Garden City, and wife Alice, 59, met in 1987 while they lived in Buckley.

They were fundraising for a liver transplant for Peter Jones, who was then only a baby.

Peter, 24, died from a head injury in Precinct Way, Buckley last weekend.

Brian said: “Had it not been for the fundraising for Peter, we would never have met.

“We just felt it would be right to tell the family that his life helped bring us together.”

The couple were left devastated after hearing of Peter’s death.

Brian said: “He had significant meaning to us. He helped bring us together.”

While Peter was waiting for his transplant, the community got behind the fundraising efforts and Brian and Alice met while posing for a photograph at a pub.

Brian said: “Alice never went out to the pub, but she came back the next night to find out who she had posed in the picture with.

“Her sister convinced me to walk her home and we spent two years finding out more about each other.”

The date was so significant they were married two years to the day they met on May 23, 1989.

Brian added: “We kept all the newspaper cuttings. We are still together strong after all these years. It is devastating because Peter was only two years old when we met.”

Peter was two years old when he had the liver transplant at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

His aunt Linda Buxton said: “There was a lot of fundraising for Peter. The whole community got involved.

“He had the transplant just before his third birthday, but it all started from the day he was born. He fought for his life and won.

“It is nice to know Peter touched their lives.”