THE forming of the new coalition government provoked a mixed reaction among people canvassed by the Leader on the street, both in terms of its political make-up and its prospect of success.

Philip Dolan from Rhosddu said: “I was hoping that Labour could have done a deal but it’s obvious it wasn’t going to happen.

“I’d say give it until after Christmas and they’ll call another General Election.

“I think Gordon Brown was a good leader who stepped down with dignity.”

Valerie Trusswell from Rhosddu said: “I think it’s good they’re doing a coalition but I just hope they keep it up.

“I voted for the Lib Dems because I voted Labour for years and I wanted a change.
“I think this has given the Lib Dems a chance.”

Wilfred Glyn from Buckley, said: “We can’t do anything about it now. It would have been better if everyone had worked together and two people from each party had got in, to see how they go.”

Rona Olsen, from Hope, said: “I’m Labour and I do not think a lot about the coalition.

“It troubles me that the Tories have got in, because they are the Tories and I hope the Lib Dems teach them some Lib Dem values.”

David Brook, 62, a semi-retired sales development manager from Chester, said he thought the result “worked out for the best”.

He said: “They all would have preferred to get in but it has been decided more fairly than expected and they were quick to move on it which is good.

“It is the best compromise and it has got to be better than Gordon Brown.

“I’m not terribly politically-minded but I think this is the best outcome we could have expected.”

Sales and events manager Laura White, 31, who works in Chester, said: “I was not particularly interested in politics before this election but it all seems to make much more sense now.

“I took it on face value in the run-up and I followed the debate right through to the end.

“Clegg and Cameron seem to have similar ideas in common although I know their policies are very different. Gordon Brown is very different to them both.

“Those two are fine by me and I think that we had 13 years of the same thing and now it’s time for change.

“We can’t keep spending more than we’re getting in and hopefully they will get to grips with that pretty quick.”

Becky Roberts, 39, from Upton said a change “has got to be good”.

“I think it has been handled well considering what has gone on.

“It wasn’t a surprise what happened and I think it was right that Gordon Brown stood down – he couldn’t drag it on any longer.

“I’m happy with the outcome and happy to see David Cameron in as Prime Minister and I’m optimistic for change. It has all gone on too long.”