FEARS have been raised that a planned housing estate in Saltney could lead to road accidents.

The proposed development between the town’s High Street and the railway line is for 58 two-storey dwellings.

Cllr Veronica Gay said: “The opening will be opposite Park Avenue; there are no traffic lights at that junction.

“I’m worried there may be accidents as there will be a lot of traffic coming out of there.

“People in their cars will be inching out and then inching out a bit more and it could easily result in collisions.

“I don’t want Saltney’s roads to end up as another Queensferry.”

The Saltney councillor said she was not opposed to the housing estate in principle but was “very, very concerned about the roads”.

The current plans include a new access for vehicles off the High Street and a report to be considered by Flintshire’s planning committee today says the scheme is acceptable in highway terms. Saltney Town Council has suggested to the committee that a one-way system would better manage traffic on the site so vehicles could enter from the High Street and exit by the retail park road and Bridge Street.