A MAN assaulted his wife after she accused him of being unfaithful to her.

Mark Parry, 43, of Penymaes Gardens, Holywell, admitted assaulting Gail Ann Slater, licensee of The Yacht Inn in Flint.

Flintshire magistrates were told the couple had been married for nine years but the relationship was on and off because of Parry’s affairs with other women.

The complainant said the couple got back together five weeks before the assault on March 28.

Up until the incident things had been good between them, said Matthew Ellis, prosecuting, but on March 27 she became suspicious id Parry’s behaviour towards a woman in the pub.

She listened from another part of the pub before confronting her husband and the other woman.

Both left and Parry returned some time later. He appeared drunk and she did not approach him because she did not want a confrontation.

The following morning a man called asking for Parry and said he wanted to speak to him about his behaviour towards his wife.

The complainant went to McDonald’s with the man, spoke to him, returned to the pub alone and told Parry what had taken place.

It developed into an argument and he grabbed her around the neck and pushed her towards a window. She broke free but the argument continued. He packed his bags and asked her to take his bags for him. She refused and he grabbed her by the neck again and said she had to do it because she was his slave. The complainant broke free, closed the door and called the police.

Arrested and interviewed Parry accepted grabbing her around the neck and pushing her backwards.

He said she had “wound him up so much” he was trying to pack his bags and leave.

Parry denied calling her his slave but said he had simply asked her to pass his bags to him. He said he was sorry he had grabbed her but said he had only done it once.

Parry, who represented himself, was placed on a two year community order under supervision and was sent on a probation service integrated domestic abuse programme. He was also told to pay £85 costs.

Parry said he was disgusted with himself. They were living apart but were trying to get things back on track.