ANGRY residents are again calling for the council to reopen a road which was shut over a year ago after huge cracks began appearing in it.

People living on Green Road and Halcog, in Brymbo, have had to put up with an increase in the amount of traffic along their streets due to the closure of Queens Road.

In the last month residents have faced further disruption following recent bus service changes by Arriva.

County councillor Paul Rogers said he hoped the imminent re-opening of Railway Road, which leads to Station Road, in Pentre Broughton, would ease the situation.

He said: “Wrexham Council have recognised the problems being faced by local residents and have been working to raise the road level at the former crossing to make it suitable for larger traffic such as buses.

“The current situation where you have at least ten buses an hour negotiating other traffic along Green Road and Halcog is having a detrimental impact upon residents who live in this area.”

Martin Wright, the local authority’s chief transportation and asset management officer said: "Proposals to stabilise the land following the land slip that undermined Queens Road are being considered but it will not be possible to re-open the road until significant works have been carried out.

“As an alternative, works to improve the alignment of Railway Road are due for completion.

“Due to the restricted width of this road, it is intended that traffic flow be restricted to a one-way directional flow but this will be adequate to facilitate the re-routing of public transport services and provide relief to Clayton Road and Green Road.

“It was agreed at a Pentre Broughton resident's meeting in March, that following the re-opening of Railway Road, traffic surveys could be undertaken and resident's requests for further traffic management in the Green Road area could be considered.

“These surveys can only be undertaken following a ‘settling in’ period that will allow traffic patterns to establish.”