A TEENAGER who wanted to go back into custody gave himself up to the police and admitted that he had committed a burglary.

Luke Laidlaw, 18, walked into a conservatory in broad daylight and stole two laptop computers valued at £800.

Laidlaw ,of West Green, Sealand, admitted burglary at a house in Flint Road, Saltney Ferry, on March 12, while the occupant was in an upstairs bedroom, relaxing and playing his guitar.

Laidlaw, who asked for a further burglary at a hair stylist’s shop in Garden City to be taken into consideration, was jailed for 12 months.

But when he was sentenced at Mold Crown Court he said: “Is that all? Twelve months?”

The court heard how Laidlaw had only recently been released from custody but wanted to go back inside.

His barrister, Oliver King, said that the police did not have any leads in the case because the investigation was still in its infancy.

But the defendant walked into the police station and admitted what he had done.

“The reason for that, was that he was not coping on the outside,” Mr King explained.

The motive for the burglary was that he wanted money to live, and for drugs, he said.

Prosecutor Sandra Subacchi told how Laidlaw had been spotted trying doors in Flint Road.

He went into a conservatory through unlocked doors, placed the laptops in a rucksack and made off.

Interviewed, he admitted what he had done and told how he had sold the computers for £100 each in order to feed his need for drugs.

He said that he did not know that the house was occupied at the time and would not have gone in if he had.