A TRAINEE chef damaged 10 pheasant cages on a Wrexham estate when he was drunk, a court was told.

Kerry William Blackwell, 27, went to Wynnstay Park in Wrexham and stole a cheque book, a CD and sunglasses from two unlocked vehicles parked on the estate.

Alun Humphreys, prosecuting at Wrexham Magistrates’ Court, said it disturbed nearby pheasants in cages and people came out to investigate and they found that 10 cages worth a total of £800 had been damaged or destroyed.

Mr Humphreys said: “Some pheasants escaped and Blackwell was followed and discovered heavily intoxicated.

“He was taken to the police station where he said that at 1pm he had consumed a three-litre bottle of Lambrini.”

Mr Humphreys said Blackwell had left his home at Marlbrook, Acrefair, and gone to buy a newspaper and cigarettes, and added: “He recollects very little.”

Mr Humphreys said the estate was for rearing pheasants for the purposes of shooting.

Blackwell admitted damaging a number of bird cages belonging to John Patten and stealing a number of items belonging to Vincent Byrne, both on April 9.

Melissa Griffiths, defending, said: “He’s working as a trainee chef for a local pub and his recollection of the event is very hazy.

“In October 2009 his former partner formed a relationship with someone else and he dealt with that very badly.

“He lost his job as a welder and turned to alcohol.

“There is no explanation of his behaviour on that day.

“I asked him if he had any difficulty with birds or anything but he can’t offer any explanation.

“His life is now much better, he hasn’t drunk since the incident.”

District Judge Andrew Shaw gave Blackwell a 12-month conditional discharge for the theft and ordered him to pay £800 compensation for damaging the bird cages.

No additional costs were imposed because of the compensation order.