HUNDREDS of people gathered outside a Flintshire supermarket to meet Conservative Leader David Cameron.

Mr Cameron, accompanied by his wife Samantha, answered questions from staff at Tesco in Holywell.

Speaking to the Leader Mr Cameron vowed to support and ‘strengthen’ major Flintshire companies Airbus and Toyota.

Mr Cameron arrived at the store at about 4.45pm wearing casual Sunday wear of a blue jumper and jeans and met with the Chief Executive of Tesco Terry Leahy.

Tesco workers and media gathered in the fruit and veg aisle and surrounded Mr Cameron in a circle ready to ask questions.

Mr Cameron, standing on a box, first apologised for arriving late explaining that he was in Cornwall and that his plane had missed the take-off slot.

He first addressed what he called the “biggest challenge” of tackling the debts and deficits in the economy.

He said: “I think Tesco is quite an inspiration of how to keep costs down- the government also needs to think how to keep costs down.

“There will be difficult times ahead and I want to help people with the cost of living.”

He added that it was a “prvilege” to be in Holywell.

Mr Cameron then answered a variety of questions from staff and media, including subjects such as tax, education, crime and troops fighting abroad.

Asked by the Leader what he would bring to voters in Flintshire, Mr Cameron replied that Delyn candidate Antoinette Sandbach was a “first class candidate” who would focus on helping the growing economy.

“Airbus is vitally important in the region and I went there at the beginning of the year,” he said.

“It’s a huge employer and has met some big challenges.”

Tesco worker Val Westerman was one of those who met Mr Cameron.

“He talked a lot about having no money in the pot and that we can’t spend it,” she said.

“But I was happy to see him and hear what he had to say.”

Speaking to the Leader after the question and answer session Mr Cameron added:
“I have got everything to do in the next four days.

“If you want to wake up to a new prime minister on Friday vote for me.”

Asked if he enjoyed the three televised debates Mr Cameron said “not really” but that he enjoyed the aftermath.

Mr Cameron and his wife, who is pregnant, left the store hand in hand to greet the crowds.

Ben Davies of The Strand, Holywell, said he was “very happy” to meet Mr Cameron.

Unfortunately he turns 18 two days after election day so will not be able to cast his vote.

“I’m gutted I can’t vote but it was good to see the leader of the conservatives in Holywell,” he said.

Beryl Edwards from Greenfield and Joan Thomas from Buckley went to Tesco to buy some strawberries but decided to stay and see Mr Cameron when they found out he was visiting.

Joan said: “I was talking to Samantha and I said I hope everything goes ok with her pregnancy.”

Beryl said that she had already made her mind up who to vote for but was glad to see Mr Cameron.