A PENSIONER whose home was burgled by a man posing as a utilities worker has spoken out about her traumatic ordeal.

The resident of Kingsbury Close, Flint, welcomed the burglar into her home on Thursday lunchtime because she thought he was from the gas board.

As she was made to wait in the kitchen, the man and an accomplice made off with bundles of cash.

The resident, who was left shaken after the ordeal and asked to remain anonymous, told the Leader: “I know I was wrong but I didn’t ask for identification.

“He caught me unaware because he was banging on the door saying there had been a gas leak.

“We let him in and he told me and my brother to go into the kitchen and test the gas supply while he looked at the meter.

“The front door was left open and somebody else must have gone upstairs and taken the money.”

The man, in his 40s was tanned, had a chunky build, a round face and was around 5ft 8ins”.

He wore navy trousers, a pale blue long-sleeved shirt, multi-coloured striped tie, a blue baseball cap and walked with a swagger.

The man and his accomplices had been spotted in the area earlier on in the day, say police.

Jackie Lee from Neighbourhood Watch said: “Just prior to the burglary, the male has been seen on Windsor Drive walking up and down.

“Behind him was a white van, part registration ND05, crawling at 5mph, containing two males who were looking at houses.

“A short time later, the male was seen on Windsor Drive with two other males being picked up by the van and heading off in the direction of Halkyn Street.”

Police are appealing to anyone with information to call PC 2559 Griffiths on 01352 708403.