A COLLEGE event offered a revealing insight into how the emergency services deal with life and death situations.

A simulated road traffic accident was staged at Yale College, with police, firefighters and paramedics ‘rushing’ to the scene to help.

Public services students Connor Speed and Adam Smith acted as the driver and passenger of the car involved.

Complete with make-up by Louise Fitzgerald, the activity provided a first-hand opportunity to see of the work of life-saving personnel up close.

Vanessa Griffiths, public services lecturer at Yale said: “The students got an important glimpse of active service. Gaining this experience is a huge benefit to their studies and career planning.”

Students saw firefighters cut the roof off the car to get the occupants out and the ambulance team provided medical support.

The police work saw officers cordon off the area and ‘breathalyse’ the driver who was then ‘arrested’ for being over the legal alcohol limit.