AN AMBITIOUS plan to reopen a railway station could hinge on public support.

The campaign to bring the station in Mold back in to service is in danger of stalling if more people do not sign an online petition set up by Sam Davidson, of Mynydd Isa, after he became frustrated by rush-hour traffic on the Mold to Wrexham road.

The 22-year-old history student at Glyndwr University came up with the plan after the Leader asked readers for ideas to solve traffic congestion in Shotton.

And with the Welsh Assembly Government already reinstating lines such as the Ebbw Valley railway line in South Wales in 2008, public support could make all the difference.

The petition has nearly 100 signatures, but Sam is urging more residents to get behind the plan and increase the chances of it getting the green light.

He said: “I wanted another way of getting to Wrexham, but there wasn’t one. It is drive or walk.

“Anyone who drives on that road will know how bad it is.

“The traffic problem is only going to get worse.

“It would not be a direct solution to the traffic in Shotton, but it will help by offering people the chance to travel by train. It would be an asset to the whole region.”

Sam said the line could run from an existing junction at Penyffordd through Mold to Wrexham while the station could be linked to the coastal line through Shotton.

He added: “Signing up to the petition will show there is local concern.

“After the petition closes we will wait to see what the Welsh Assembly does about it.

“The Welsh Assembly Government is showing an interest in reopening railways so there is a chance if they see there is local concern.

“People tell me they support the idea but can’t see it happening.

“The more people who get involved the bigger case we can show.

“The more people who sign up the more chance there is of it happening. I would urge people to sign it.”

If you would like to sign the petition go to