PLANS to move a town’s war memorial will be put to councillors at a meeting tonight.

Members of Buckley Town Council will discuss relocating the monument, which has been described as a focal point of the town, after the site where it stands, the Buckley Royal British Legion Club, was sold.

Town mayor Carol Ellis has vowed to safeguard the memorial, which she said was an important part of the town.

She said: “Members will have suggestions as to where it could go.

“One suggestion would be Coronation Garden, which has been recently renovated, and that would be a lovely setting for it.

"We would need to preserve the memorial. Safeguarding it is vital.”

After the sale of the Legion building Flintshire Council asked members to have a say on where to move the memorial, but it is believed it will still remain the property of the Royal British Legion Club.

Cllr Ellis said: “The British Legion has been closed for four months. It is a shame that it has closed down and is a sign of the times when you look at clubs and pubs closed down within towns. It is very sad.

“We don’t know who has purchased the Legion or what they want to do with it, but the memorial is important, especially at the moment when there are people fighting for their country.

“The memorial is part of our history and a focal point in the town. People fought and gave their lives to allow us to vote so we are going to look after it.”

After the meeting suggestions for the relocation will be submitted to Flintshire Council.