A FATHER and son have been banned from owning dogs for a year after keeping two animals without water and in a house littered with broken glass.

Colin David Gough, 64, and his son Anthony Michael Gough, 26, previously admitted three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a black schipperke bitch and a Yorkshire terrier.

Wrexham Magistrates’ Court heard that police were called to Hampden Way, Acrefair, where both defendants live, on an unrelated matter to do with Anthony Gough.

They called in RSPCA inspector Chris Dunbar who found broken glass from smashed bottles on the floor, no water for the animals and a tumour “the size of a tennis ball” on the schipperke’s face.

A vet’s report stated that the tumour above the left eye was inoperable.

Vet David Martin said that if surgery was not an option “euthanasia would be the most humane option” and the dog was then put down.

The vet estimated the schipperke had been suffering and in pain from the tumour for about two months.

Andrew Holmes, defending, insisted the pair had previously been to the vet with the tumour but had been told it was “non-malignant” and would only grow slowly.

Mr Holmes added that Gough senior worked as a security consultant which meant at times he would be away from home and only able to pop in once or twice a week.

Mr Holmes said Anthony Gough had held a party the evening before the police arrived on November 17 which was why there were bottles and glasses around the property.

District judge Andrew Shaw Shaw fined Colin Gough £375 and Anthony Gough £100 for causing unnecessary suffering to the schipperke.

He fined Colin Gough £50 and Anthony Gough £35 for causing unnecessary suffering to the Yorkshire terrier.

Colin Gough was also told to pay court costs of £300 and Anthony Gough costs of £150 and both must also pay a victim’s surcharge of £15.

The judge told the pair they would be banned from keeping dogs for a year and that the order would begin in one month’s time. This was to enable them to rehome another dog they owned which was not the subject of the charges.