POLICE were called after a touchline flare-up held up an amateur football match for half an hour.

Trouble started during the Huws Gray Cymru Alliance League game between Llangollen Town and Flint Town United at Llangollen on Saturday afternoon.

It is believed the incident came to a head after the home team took a lead with a goal by Richard Vaughan Jones.

It was reported a Llangollen player made remarks to a linesman, who refused to carry on with the game, which was then delayed for about 30 minutes.

Following the restart, the visitors went on to win the match 4-1.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said officers were called to the ground at
Tower Fields, Dinbren Road, at 3.55pm to investigate a report that threats had allegedly been made but that no further action was being taken against anyone.

Llangollen secretary Kevin Richards said: “I have been told not to comment, but I can confirm there was an incident.

“This has been blown out of proportion.

“I believe no action is likely to be taken by police but the Welsh FA will be getting a report from the referee.”

Flint Town United secretary Ian Norbury said: “There was an incident but I did not see anything myself, so I can’t say what happened. I don’t think there were any Flint players involved.

“The referee will submit his report to the Welsh FA and it is up to them to say if any further action will be taken.”

Alliance League secretary Charles Rowland said: “I am aware there was an incident during the game but I did not know that the police were called.

“As the incident didn’t result in the match being abandoned, it is not a matter for the league. A report will be sent by the officials to the Welsh FA.

“I do not wish to make any further comment as I do not know the details of the incident during this match.”